This body of work began germinating during a trip to Palm Beach in March 2003.  I was enchanted by the lush gardens and landscapes.  The statuary and elegant architecture exclusive to Palm Beach captivated me.  I stayed at the magnificent Brazilian Court.  The grounds and fountain plaza were breathe taking and inspirational, especially at night.  This experience was the inspiration for “Nocturnal Fountain.” I photographed various views of the grounds, Pan’s Garden as well at the Four Arts which were magnificent.  I also was drawn by, and recorded, many of the private home’s plantings as well as the Breaker’s landscape.

Once back in my studio, I reflected on the compositions of each picture and began the cropping process to create new compositions.  I realized that I wanted to capture these stimulating images in a monochromatic format, choosing ink and washes on archival paper.  I call these works “ink vignettes.”  The paintings are dramatic and yet have a visual ease to them. Henry M. Flagler had an extraordinary vision and hired the architect Addison Mizner to create and design his vision.  The results of their collaboration are pure visual magic.  The small town became one of the most elegant, beautiful and architecturally important places in the world.  I am grateful for their generosity and talent that created such a glorious and stimulating place for a painter.  I will visit often for renewal and inspiration.




All pieces are ink vignettes on archival paper